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New Music!

2015-09-19 23:01:52 by krssvr

the krssvr alias may not really be uploading any tracks anymore but im still very much making music under Aterum :) listen to my newest song "Machine" here:


Or make some type of totally unrelated comment as usual, whichever works.



New Song and Profile

2015-02-14 14:47:08 by krssvr

Does anyone read these?

Anyway if you are interested I have begun uploading music under a new alias, krssvr has become totally confusing as far as what i upload, there's no consistency. As a result I have started to upload more serious work.

If you want to check out the new song click here:

I will likely continue posting future videogame songs on here. Thanks everyone!

I made a video for my song

2011-12-19 21:36:35 by krssvr

Here is a video of my latest song with some lyrics i came up with.

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Looking for Rappers/Vocalists

2011-04-17 18:26:04 by krssvr

I've secretly been working on a free album and I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in collaborating since the point of it will be collabs, i got three tracks almost done and I'm trying to go for at least 10.

If you want to hear what i have gotten done recently /414287

These are just snippets form a couple of tracks (they are rough because they are not done)

If anyone's interested send me a PM, I Use FL Studio 10 FYI just in case you may want to collab on a track.

Here's a link to my reverbenation Page if you want to hear my other stuff (its older but relevant)

- Krssvr

Looking for Rappers/Vocalists

TAP 2.0

2011-03-09 22:38:27 by krssvr

It's Here!

TAP 2.0

O Hai Guys! I'm removing half my Music

2010-12-19 17:32:22 by krssvr

Don't Worry Though, (If your one of the special few) who actually listens to my music I'm just separating my Video Game Music From my "Serious" (blaahh...) music so I'm started a new account that I'll link to this post when and if it gets approved by the Audio Mods With all the songs i can take off of this account excluding the few that are locked in due to peoples flash submissions.

I'm Only doing this because i dont want "krssvr" to become synonymous with Video Game music
(and it's totally not because I'm embarrassed of my submissions of the past..... lol)

Anyway Profiles up:

Looking for Someone to Rap on a Dancehall Track.

2010-10-30 02:35:38 by krssvr

I just recently made a new song that I'm still working out the bugs on but I'm looking for a rapper (preferably on with an accent similar to these guys Foreign Beggars, Bare Noize ) but I'm not too picky.

Oh and the track in question is: /372519

Post here or send me a PM if interested

(song is not 100% done)

Happy ROBOT DAY 2010

2010-07-10 03:09:56 by krssvr


Happy ROBOT DAY 2010

my vst of choice

2010-03-28 12:33:38 by krssvr

lol meowsynth

my vst of choice


2010-01-28 23:21:12 by krssvr

whats up?